Trestletree Village

Trestletree Village consists of two complexes with 188 total units: Trestletree North and Trestletree South, both located in the Grant and Ormewood Park neighborhoods of Atlanta. Steele Properties invested $9 million in safety and security enhancements when the property was acquired and developed in 2013.

Prior to the safety improvements, there was heavy gang-related activity at the property including domestic violence, break-ins and shootings. The staff was often threatened and did not feel safe at Trestletree, especially during the evening.

“I did not feel safe at all,” recalls Melissa Brown, Trestletree Community Manager. “There were many break-ins and a lot of shootings. There were times I had to lay on the floor to get out of the line of fire. Torrance Ashmon, an Atlanta Police Department officer and Trestletree security officer said, “Trestletree staff safety was a huge concern for us. Officers would come back to the property after hours just to make sure that the staff was safe while leaving the premises.”

Steele Properties made following upgrades and property enhancements to increase resident and staff safety and security:

  • Upgrading the entire property by investing millions of dollars in rehabilitation and renovation
  • Improving site lighting with the installation of more light poles and LED lights to deter unwanted activity
  • Installing a 46-camera surveillance system integrated with APD video system
  • Installing controlled access gates into the property
  • Implementing new parking policies and increased signage throughout the complex
  • Partnering with the Atlanta Police Department to increase security patrols, and to prevent, monitor and deter unwanted activity
  • Adding two new community centers to provide much needed services to residents including internet access
  • Upgrading the property landscaping by removing old vegetation to improve visibility
  • Removing improperly disposed of trash and debris
  • Installing bollards to help control vehicle access into the property

Crime has dropped dramatically since Steele Properties acquired Trestletree. Thanks to these improvements and strong community partnerships, there has been a 62% drop in crime at Trestletree Village, as well as a 100% reduction in shooting calls, 96% reduction in unit break-ins, 80% reduction in disturbing the peace, and 50% reduction in 911 calls. Please see the report from the Atlanta Police Department below:

Trestletree crime reduction data

Property management and security staff have seen significant improvements in safety after the addition of these security enhancements and upgrades. The addition of a controlled-access gate, limiting vehicle traffic and increased police presence significantly impacted crime reduction at Trestletree. Melissa explains, “I have seen a great improvement and I feel safe. I can walk outside without being fearful. There has been a lot less crime, especially break-ins. I haven’t been getting as many complaints or resident violations.”

“Since Trestletree has beefed up security, I have noticed at least a 10-15% reduction in crime,” said Officer Ashmon. “Our response time to reports are much faster now. Violent crime has gone done quite a bit and I see residents coming out of their homes more and more to interact with one another, and spend time outside. They definitely feel much safer.”

Local community groups in Atlanta are also noticing the effects of Trestletree’s security enhancements. “I have received several positive comments that criminal activity at Trestletree has quieted down and there are fewer community complaints,” explained Melissa, “The NPU neighborhood groups have expressed that they are very happy with how crime has been reduced in the area. They are pleased with the increased police presence and with the security improvements that have been made at Trestletree.”

Our property management team continues to collaborate with local government, community and neighborhood groups, including the Faith Collaborative, to ensure the neighborhood remains safe and crime is deterred. Our team also participates in quarterly open community meetings at City Hall to stay informed about local neighborhood issues.

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