Lisa Trujillo - Vice President - Operations

Lisa Trujillo

Lisa Trujillo joined the Monroe Group in 2017 with over 20 years of affordable housing experience. She began her career on-site before rising quickly into leadership roles. Trujillo built a reputation for stabilizing underperforming properties by implementing policies and optimizing processes. As Vice President of Operations, her primary focus is to ensure site teams are provided the tools necessary to reach optimal operation and financial performance of the assets. She has a passion for mentoring site teams to develop into leadership roles, taking daily opportunities to coach her teams as well as delivering trainings in a classroom format through our very own Monroe University. Trujillo leads the operations & marketing and communication team.

Trujillo is certified by the National Affordable Housing Board as a Housing Credit Certified Professional HCCP, and has received multiple designations including TCS, COS, NPCC, and FHC.