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Monroe Group managed-properties serves more than 20,000 residents in 24 states across the country supporting families, seniors and people with disabilities. We are committed to serving all our residents with respect and dignity by providing them with professional and responsive management. We also believe that by supporting and strengthening the communities in which our residents live, we are also improving their quality of life. We support our residents by giving them the resources they need to be good neighbors and engaged members of their community.

More than 70% of Monroe Group’s residents are families. We provide our families with a safe, comfortable and staple place to live. We also provide our families with a variety of services, support and resources they need to overcome barriers to success and move towards economic self-sufficiency. We also manage more than 20 senior properties nationally. Monroe Group provides our senior residents with affordable housing and the support services they need to lead a healthy, self-sufficient and productive life.

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